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(Lc-R25) LIVER Cleanse & Rejuvenate

(Lc-R25) LIVER Cleanse & Rejuvenate

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Created for persons whom are smoker’s/drinkers or are exposed to unhealthy environments. This is formulated to aid in regenerating the liver. The liver can be flushed out and rebuilt with the proper aids. Liver problems, skin problems. Suggest 2tbsp a day for prevention or light cleanse, more serious problems 2tbsp 6 times per day. Great for flaky dry scalp.


Your liver is your only filtration plant in your body. It is the only organ that will regenerate itself. It is as big as a football. Liver Cleanse formula is a great 100% natural product formulated with the best cold extract herbs and seeds. It strengthens the muscular system of the liver. It helps filtering the blood of toxic waste and keeps the body clean for optimal health. Liver Cleanse aids in digestion and filters and blocks fat from entering the blood stream. It will help reduce cholesterol and take care of any skin disorders. Liver Cleanse will cleanse and flush the toxins and the debris out of the liver. It is a great cleansing formula for: Smokers. Fast food eaters. Environmental toxins that we get every day. Simply having a clean liver means having good health and pure energy for the total body.