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Originally formulated for under nourished individuals with compromised health. Now available as a multi vitamin. Highlights; includes a full range of vitamins and minerals, a host of anti- oxidants, also a full amino acid profile, essential fatty acids, as well as protein. This is a food form so is very bio-available. Also includes fibre in this liquid formula, which makes this a very dynamic and unique formulation. From 1-6tbsp per day.


Multi Nutrients is the only professional formula in liquid form on the market that provides: All the vitamins, and minerals in trace form. All the protein and amino acids All the essential fatty acids from vegetarian form All the antioxidants. Multi Nutrient provides chlorophyll and fiber from SALBA grain. Multi Nutrients is a hypoallergenic professional formula designed for people who can't eat enough or are not eating healthy. It provides a wide range of nutrients for: People who are hospitalized or have just come out of the hospital. People who have mal absorption. People who have serious system problems. People who want to supplement their diet with good multi nutrients. No side effect.